How We Can Help You Fix The biggest supply chain challenges In Your Organisation.

Yes, We have touched every industry segment within the private and public sectors. We have diagnosed and provided interventions from the beginning of the supply chain to the end.

Trust me, we have the experience to help.

After over two decades of pioneering Logistics and Supply Chain Education and Intervention in Nigeria, we know exactly how to help your firm. 


About Multimix Consulting

We currently consult for organisations in critical areas including centralisation of procurement, the introduction of S&OP, and creating a proper supply chain department with clear KPIs and departmental deliverables.


In response to industry needs, we created certifications that have bridged major gaps in trade compliance, warehousing, and supply chain. Within the period, we have recruited competent managers for organisations as well as handled some supply chain HR outsourcing.

Most challenges faced by many companies are captured in the list below:

  • Increased Costs Throughout the Supply Chain.
  • Complexity Due to Multiple Channels to Market.
  • Consumer Demands for Improved Speed, Quality and Service.
  • Risk in the Supply Chain and the Pressure it creates.
  • The Impact of Supply Chain Volatility.
  • Customer service the centre of supply chain management.
  • Decentralized procurement and the leakages thereof
  • Supplier/Partner Relationship
  • Increasing freight prices.
  • Difficult demand forecasting.
  • Port congestion.
  • Lack of visibility in the supply chain.
  • Digital transformation.
  • Extended logistics pipeline.

And here are 6 Areas where we can help your organisation


Process Improvement


Logistics Optimization


Resource Optimization


Supply Chain Staff Placement


Productivity Improvement


Procurement, Supply Chain Optimization & Restructuring

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